A show about F1 still hosted by Michael Lamonato & Rob James

Grass. Cream. Garboldisham. Crowds. The South Downs. Ovaltine. Cream. Heaps of cream — cream and lawnmowers. Summer holidays in creamy Cromer. Vaulting over a stile in the country lane. Catching sticklebacks in an old tin can. Honestly, nanny, I never touched them. Piano lessons with Mrs Duckworth. Father’s hands on the steering wheel. Sit up straight! Going faster and faster. Locked in the cupboard for being rude to Mrs Howlett. Take the Wolseley for a run. England. Elgar. South Downs. Bath olivers. Oh, play the game. Elbows off the table. Who’s a brave soldier, then? Daddy’s hands all steamy and starchy. England and cream. Creamy old England. Custard creams. Strawberries and cream. English cream. Creamy England. England. Cream. The cream of old England.

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