A show about F1 still hosted by Michael Lamonato & Rob James

We speculate about Paul di Resta’s rapid rise back to F1 after some people became ill, Robert Kubica’s single-day test becomes more noteworthy than an entire grand prix, and we ask McGinley what he thinks about halo.

As referenced, the following video is the FIA presentation to the media at the Hungarian Grand Prix regarding the halo. It’s so comprehensive that even Peter McGinley described it as “pretty convincing”, so you know it must be good.

One Comment on “BoN 2017/23 — Hungarian GP Review

  1. Hey chaps,
    I’m listening to the podcast and have seen the FIA video above. Thank you for sharing it!
    I don’t like the idea of it, but I agree driver safety is of the upmost importance, and I must accept it. Like those around in the 70s had to get used to the idea of seatbelts in road cars.
    Love the show

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